2016 Don Moffitt Axe Award Presentation.


Associated Firefighters of Illinois

Chuck Sullivan

Luke Howieson

City of Chicago Fire Department

Richard Ford II

Annette Nance-Holt

IL Ch. - International Association of Arson Investigators

John Knapp

Bill Perkins

Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts

Mike Dillon

Cheri Breneman

Illinois Fire Chiefs Association

Greg Earle

Jim Grady

Illinois Fire Inspectors Association

Robert Morris

Mike Toika

Illinois Fire Safety Alliance

Jim Kreher

Philip Zaleski

Illinois Fire Service Institute

Royal Morentson

Jim Keiken

Illinois Firefighters Association

John Swan

Terry Ford

Illinois Professional Firefighters Association

Greg Knoll

Steve Iovinelli

Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors

Brian Thompson

Zach Riddle

Mutual Aid Box Alarm System

Don Davids

Glen Ericksen

Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts

Ron Kubicki

Denise Kauffman

Office of the State Fire Marshal

Matt Perez

Alix Armstead


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